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Event Date: 3rd - 5th September 2020.
Keep an eye on the Official Facebook Page of Robotics Club of BRAC University for event updates

Rules & Regulations

  • All teams must register online through the website provided in the event.

  • The solution must be based on modern science & technology. The solution must be developed on any of the following platforms –

    • Android

    • iOS

    • Web Application

  • Each team can have 3 members and maximum of 4 members (extra 150 BDT will be added for the 4th member).

  • All teams who have completed their payment within time schedule will be allowed to participate.

  • The developed application must not be 100% complete. Prototype related with the problem statement can be submitted.

  • In all cases, decisions taken by organizing committee will be judged as the final decision

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